Join the Green 50 Club

All you and your team have to do is commit to ‘green’ sustainable practices in the workplace and donate up to 50% of your savings (or an agreed amount) over an agreed period of time to your nominated charity.

Nominate your Charity

Now more than ever, charities rely on the generosity and support of companies and their workers. This initiative provides a real and tangible way in which give something back to the community.

Tips for cutting costs

Green practices can become a way of life, while donations to charity would be life-changing. It’s Win Win for the environment, the charity, staff and for the company!

Welcome to Green 50

Welcome to Green 50, an innovative Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative aimed at raising vital funds for charity.

Each year companies waste hundreds of thousands of euro on unnecessary costs and wastage. Just think how a charity of your choice could benefit from just a portion of that money.

Carbery makes good on its Green50 pledge donating €2,000 to West Cork Rapid Response. Carbery are the first Green50 member to donate some of their savings. Follow this link for the full story.


By pledging, as a team and an organisation, to adopt more green practices, you can greatly support a charity of your choice with savings that are made through sustainable practices.

The green practices would soon become a way of life, while the donations to charity would be life-changing.

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