About the Green 50 Programme

Green 50 is a not-for-profit initiative that aims to help charities & the environment with the support of businesses that want to make real and tangible savings by improving the efficiency of their business practices.

‘Going Green’ is one of the most important and long-term beneficial CSR initiatives and one that has the most immediate and positive cost-saving effects.

When businesses improve their efficiency and operate in a more sustainable way, there are clear benefits for the business, their employees, customers and the wider community.

Little changes can make a big difference.

Overview of Green 50

We are all wasting money by not being more careful in our workplaces. We don’t turn off lights, power down computers, we waste paper, we are careless with running water, we waste food, we don’t put things in the right bins etc. This behaviour is unnecessarily costing businesses tens of thousands of euro and is causing irreversible damage to our environment.

Green 50’s mission is to raise money for charities through the promotion of green practices and raise awareness among companies and their employees of how savings can be made through resource efficiency and how a portion of these savings could make a significant difference to a charity of their choice.


What do we mean by "Going Green"?

“Going Green” means that a company actively manages the resources that it consumes (Water, Paper, Oil, Gas etc.) in such a way as to be more efficient (doing more with less) and at the same time reducing the costs for the business. “Going Green” helps protect both the environment and businesses.