Green 50: Green Business

Green 50 is supported by the Green Business Programme, a free and confidential resource efficiency service for all types of SMEs in Ireland.

The service will help you and your team achieve savings by adopting sustainable practices.

Green Business is funded by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) under the National Waste Prevention Programme with the objective of delivering substantive resource efficiency improvements and cost savings, through waste prevention and reductions in water and energy consumption.

Businesses can request a free site visit which will be carried out by our experienced Green Business advisors. Assessments are undertaken by professional environmental consultants. A report is then produced which provides recommendations for resource efficiency savings. All information is treated as confidential and
is not passed to any other party.

Green Business partners with many different programmes to provide resource efficiency supports in Ireland. 

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Case study: Freshways

Working with Green Business, Freshways invested €5,000 in the efficient management of resources with a payback on their investment in less than two months and a total annual saving of €30,000.
It redirected the ends of bread loaves from waste to a product sold for breadcrumbs generating sales of €8,000 while also cutting the company’s waste costs by €7,500.